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2012 Ministry Praise & Worship CDs

This is a 2 disk, 4 track recorded ministry disk set.  $20 + postage.
The songs in each track flow into each other creating a very special
atmosphere of worship.  Recorded in January 2012.
* This is not from the 2012 retreats. 

We are pleased to offer this live recording from the Dove Fellowship Auckland Retreat 2012. 

2 cd disc with praise & worship songs from Auckland 2012 Retreat at Willow Park.
$20 plus postage within New Zealand.


Recorded live at Waikanae Dove Retreat 2013 the Rosary is sung by the Praise and Worship team. $10 plus $3 postage.

2016 Auckland Retreat     NEW
- 5 Sessions - Phil & Jennie Ryall, Amanda Kalauta
All on USB memory stick $30 includes postage

2016 Praise and Worship MUSIC CD  NEW released 29th July 2016
Single CD of worship, recorded with Wilma, Theresa, Val and Judy
Please note this is not worship from the retreat, this was recorded separately as a resource for Dove and made available for others to use and enjoy.
$15 + $3 postage

2015 Auckland Retreat MUSIC    NEW released 29th July 2016
Single CD of worship from 2015 Auckland Retreat.
$15 + postage $3

2015 Auckland Retreat
- 4 Workshops - Fr Neil Vaney, Diana Ingles, Brendan & Annette Woodnutt, Ann Brereton
- 4 Sessions - Brandan Woodnutt & Ann Brereton
all on USB memory stick $30 includes postage
Mary Rose DVD.
Mary Rose shares her vision and testimony of Dove Fellowship beginnings.
$10 plus $3 postage.